Roobet Identity Confirmation Explained

It has come to our notice that Roobet has now started asking its users to complete a KYC (identity verification). So now you must be wondering what needs to be done. Shall we complete the KYC or simply switch over to other casinos. If you’re in this dilemma then this article is for you.

As of now, there is absolutely no way to bypass Roobet KYC. Once you login to your account, a popup appears and it can’t be closed without you entering full name, phone number and address.

So why is Roobet asking for KYC all of a sudden? Well the KYC option was there since the inception of Roobet but it was’t mandatory. Only users redeeming more than $10k at one go were being asked to submit photo ID and real details. While the real reason of Roobet making kyc compulsory is unclear, it might have been implemented to crack down fraudulent or suspicious transactions.

Tips For Players Who Belong To Countries Where Roobet Isn’t Allowed To Play

Obviously if you are from countries where Roobet isn’t allowed and still you’re using VPN to play then you are at risk. It is NOT advisable to enter your real country (where Roobet is not legalised) details while filling KYC. You better put details of country which you are using for VPN and fill your name and rest details.

Just a quick Google search “fake address generator <your VPN region>” will show some websites that can generate random names and address along with phone numbers.

As of now, Roobet is not asking to verify your phone number via OTP so some random phone numbers should work but then again you are risking your account.

It is highly recommended to cashout the money as soon as you enter random details for KYC. Roobet, at any moment can start asking for photo proofs and OTP and then you will have hard time getting your account back because in that case Roobet will have all rights to close your account as you have violated their policies.

Tips For Players Who Belong To Countries Where Roobet Is Allowed

You are surely at minimal/no risk. You can simply go ahead and fill up the form with your real details; but the thing is, Roobet is a crypto casino and crypto is and should always be anonymous and decentralised. That’s what it has been made for! Giving real details to Roobet will completely reveal your identity and you surely would not like that.

So what should you do? Enter fake details?

Well you can but once Roobet catches you, you are gone with all good money.

Then should you enter real details?

If you are comfortable in revealing your identity, then go ahead and fill real details.

If you ask me the best option, I will recommend you to use It is no less than Roobet has lots of games compared to Roobet.

Anyways, if you still want to use Roobet and want to use fake details for KYC then do yourself a favour and only maintain the wallet balance that you can afford to lose, else create backup accounts and distribute your money across those accounts.

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