Where To Buy Mina Coin?

If you are looking to buy some bags of Mina Protocol AKA Minacoin, then here are its detailed instructions. After explaining the steps, at the end, we will give you a brief overview about this trending crypto asset.

Steps To Buy Mina Coin

1. Buy BTC : First of all, signup on Coinbase using this link and verify your account. Now purchase bitcoins on coinbase using credit/debit card.

2. Transfer BTC : Now head over to this link and create an account on Okex exchange. It is one of the most reputed crypto exchange on the board! Also it is not mandatory to transfer btc, you can convert BTC to USDT/USDC or any other currency you want on coinbase itself and then send that currency to Okex exchange.

3. Buy Mina Protocol : You have to visit this Mina trading page in order to buy these coins. As of now only 1 trading pair is available that is MINA/USDT. So no matter which crypto you transfer to Okex, you have to convert that currency to USDT first and then with that USDT, you can buy Mina coins.

Mina is now also listed on Kraken so if any of the above listed exchanges are not working for you, then you can try out Kraken.

Mina coin claims to be the lightest of all the crypto currencies ever produced with fixed block size of just 22KB each. It seems like Mina community is actively growing as they just surpassed 100K followers on Twitter and it has also got mentions from top crypto twitter accounts. As soon as it got listed on Okex, the coin pumped making an all time high of around $9.6 and as we all know, massive pump is almost always followed by a massive dump, right. Same thing happened here and now the coin is trading at around $2.75 USD at the time of writing this post. Technology behind Mina seems promising but please do your own research before making any investment into it.

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