What Should I Use : BTC or ETH or LTC?

When Roobet was launched, it allowed only Bitcoin as means of payment to its users. As the time passed, Roobet added support to Ethereum and at the time of writing this article, Roobet has started supporting Litecoin too.

So what should be your preferred currency?

Well it should be LTC > ETH > BTC

Now let me explain the logic.

Almost 3-4 months ago, whenever I used to cashout my earnings from Roobet via BTC, the fees were like $0.5 to $1 max. Well these are called network fees and Roobet has no control over them. Roobet can not manipulate it the way they want.

So whenever there is network congestion in BTC, the fees will go as high as $17 or $20. Big players who redeem thousands of dollars would not find it problematic but players who cashout $50-$500 would definitely hate this.

Not just that, when the network fees are high and you still withdraw money, it can literally take 6-10 hours or even more to receive that money in your wallet. When there was power outage in China and network got congested due to miner’s scarcity, many of my withdrawals took 4-5 days. You will also find redditors discussing about the same in this thread.

The case is no different with ETH too. Although ETH gas fees are lower compared to BTC but they could also spike up anytime.

So the best bet is to go with Litecoin. It is literally the fastest way of depositing and withdrawing money from Roobet with negligible fees. The fees never go above $1 and that’s the best part about it. So go with Litecoin without a second thought and enjoy your gambling journey.

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